The Amazing Traveling Experience


Traveling is an amazing experience, I can wholeheartedly say that traveling has expanded my horizon more than any other single event in my life. I associate traveling with  growth, exponential growth at that. This growth ultimately makes you into a better person by helping you understand the world. In return for having a better understanding of the world,  you gain a better understanding of self and how you fit into the whole scheme of things. For some this may belittle, but for me it gives me great courage knowing that I have to power to affect the world positively.

The world will throw difficult situations your way and traveling is no different. I have often found myself gaining strength from my travel difficulties. I always reflect on my first experience traveling internationally. I remind myself of this because my first-time traveling internationally I had limited funds and no consistent place to stay for the first several weeks and knew no one. Within a week and a half I had settled into a new country, made some friends and began to buckle down for the 6 month experience. It was then I learned the importance of adaptability.
I think adaptability is one of the highest qualities that you can have in life.  Darwin stated it best:
It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Sometimes the fitness is not always the strongest or the smartest, but the one better adept to the given situation.

Traveling teaches you this, you have to be adaptable because you’re in a foreign land a potentially uncomfortable situation and if you’re not adaptable your first instinct is to head home, pack it up, go back to what’s familiar.  But if you’re able to tame those feelings and push through then that is when true growth comes.

Fear can be a paralyzing stigma. The only person that can genuinely say whether a decision was made out of fear is you. Fear is not all bad because when you allow fear to drive you to become greater that is a very powerful force, but if you allow it to stop you from ultimately getting to your final destination then you will carry the heavy load of regret.

Will you allow fear to motivate or block you from who you want to become?

I can honestly say that through my travels I’ve been able to push myself more than I thought possible. Traveling helps me to define and sharpen my purpose in life. It helps me to rebalance meaning and insight on what I hold as important.

It is my goal to provide you with the inspiration that will motivate you to explore the world and never have to deal with that burden of regret.